Venturing into Makeup

My top tips for venturing into makeup. I know that makeup can seem somewhat intimidating but just remember to keep it simple. you can run into trouble and become frustrated if you try to do all the techniques that you see your favorite makeup gurus doing on youtube.

My most important tip is to master the art of foundation and mascara and build a routine based off of that.

If you have a fantastic smokey eye paired with a foundation that is three shades to light it will ruin the entire look. A little bit of foundation and mascara and maybe a touch of eyeliner will take you a long way. These simple products will always present a very fresh and professional look.

Things to keep in mind when looking for your perfect foundation. Foundation should only be used to help even out your skin-tone not to hide your whole face. You can apply foundation everywhere or simply just to the areas of your face that need it and blend it so that it looks seamless with the rest of your face. If you need a little more coverage on your trouble areas then use a small amount of concealer, color corrector or both only in those areas.

How you apply your foundation is just as important as finding the right shade. you can use a sponge or a beauty blender and if you dampen it slightly, it will look more like your natural skin and less like makeup. A kabuki or foundation brush also work very well. you will pick up more product with a foundation brush but you can blend it out very easily for a softer finish with a kabuki brush.

Then of course after your foundation, add your favorite mascara and a brown or black liner (if you like) for a little more intensity, paired with your favorite lip product and your look is complete! You are ready to hit the town.

In conclusion keep it light keep it simple, you really don't have to do much to create a big impact. Thank you so much for reading if you have any questions, comments or have a topic that you would like me to cover in an upcoming blog please let me know 

Stay gorgeous!



Morgan Monkou